In the case that member runs out of the original purchased package during the season, the member has the opportunity to purchase another package of games at any time during the year and thus increase his membership.
During the year, the player "increases membership" by purchasing another package from the CGK offer for 2022 at list prices.

1. When purchasing a START membership = CZK 1,000, this amount is not deducted from the subsequently purchased game package (each additional package purchased is bought by the member according to the price offer for 2022)
2. The member buys the membership type R50 = 3500 CZK for the year 2022 and will soon exhaust it. If he wants another 5 games, he will buy R50 = 3500 CZK again.

Payent instructions:
  • by card or cash at driving Cinda, Císařská louka - Praha 5
  • bank account 10810808/5500, VS is your memberhip number 098 - 0, or ID number. Use your name in a note.


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