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    A member of the association has the right at any time during the year to change to the higher level of membership then initially selected, according to the following rules:
    • The upgrade of membership with a monthly credit to the higher type of membership and also a higher monthly credit (eg. From M102 to M104) can be done by compensating the difference of fees of currently published prices, according to the payment instructions below.

    • The upgrade of membership with an annual credit to the higher type of membership with higher annual credit (eg. From R51 to R52) can be done by compensating the difference of fees of currently published prices for the membership type R51 and above. Membership type R10, R11, R21, R30, including all of the applicable “on weekdays” (VD) types, cannot be increased. These types of membership must first be exhausted (ie. Play a set number of games and you can then buy new, higher membership with an annual credit.)

    • The increase in membership with an annual credit to a membership with a higher monthly credit (eg from R52 to M102) can be done by making a payment of 75% of the full price of the current type of membership with a monthly credit and having to drawdown 90% of the original type of membership with an annual credit. (If a player leaves original membership R100- 9 games, by paying 75% of the current price of membership M102 he can then transfer to the higher membership.)

    • The specific condition of each type of membership changes with a higher level of membership fees, considerations should be individually discussed with CGK staff (zc.kgc@ofni , tel: +420 731 125 120), the benefits included in the new, higher type of membership, will be available no later than the third business day after the day of:
      a) cash compensation with the relevant amount
      b) wire transfer to the bank account 10810808/5500. Input relevant CGK member’s ID number/ personal identification number (Rodné číslo) without slash in the column for Reference (Variabilní symbol).

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